The Importance Of Movies In Movies

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Movies have been the source of entertainment from time unmemorable. This is considered as a family bonding time these days. Few enjoy watching movies at home as a family to save economy, and some people like going to theatres as a family calling it a day to relax and having fun. In both ways movies are tools of relaxation. Is this the case or movies are tools that instigates violence, differences in societies, bring out sexual indecency in the very living room of houses? Allegorical stories, novels and movies can cause a huge revival and inculcate revolutionary thoughts if the correct message is conveyed in a right fashion and with simplicity that the uneducated and educated can be enlightened alike. Allegorical movies can help tremendously to make the point across. Most of the Indian movies have some theme and moral they have to convey to the public. They bring awareness to the people what in going on in the world. Not everyone is educated and this media is a powerful tool to bring to light things happening so that even the uneducated in a remote village knows about everything. Some movies talk about the social justice being denied to the poor, talking about the racial and caste prejudice people face everyday in life all around the world. Some historical movies bring to life the ancient history that is slowly fading away bringing out the beauty of the culture of different civilizations of the past. There are movies that talk about the evils like child marriages, women

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