Personal Essay About Moving To America

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In 2013 my parents told me we were moving to United States at first I didn't want to come, I had my life already done there I have many friends all my family living near I could go and visit them when I wanted, then I start realizing that it would be a good idea to get to know a different country and other people. When I got here my thoughts were that it was going to be so difficult to get used to a new place, but actually it wasn’t. I went to many parts of the country my favorite was Las Vegas everything was beautiful there. I got to visit my family and go to other states that is one of the things I will never regret for coming to a new country. One of the things that was most difficult for me was to get used to the food it tastes different specially tortillas, cheese, corn, beans and ham but also here the food tastes really good, food that I had never tasted where I live before. I fit into the Hispanic community, through participating in traditions, playing music, cooking food. In the first way I fit in the Hispanic community is by participating in traditions which is very important for my family. For example one of the traditions we follow is Quinseñeras; XV is a party that is made for a girl when she turns fifteen, in that celebration first she goes to church to thank god for turning fifteen and when it’s …show more content…

Music is an important part for a Hispanic community because at every party there is music that is one of the things that it can not be missed in a reunion. I now how to play the piano and accordion, I play traditional music that makes me part of the Hispanic community. Music is part of the Hispanic community because it has a large variety of music and many genres like Banda, Bachata , Huapangos , Zapateado, Corridos and Norteñas. That is one of the ways people express their feelings , to make a song many instruments are used and most of them are played by Hispanic

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