The Importance Of Moving To Russia

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Who would have thought that five years ago I lived another life in Russia. It was a typical Russian lifestyle, but for me it was not enough. I spent countless nights wondering how I could change my life. In 2006 I had to decide between leaving my native country of Russia where my family and friends lived and moving to America where I could learn English and meet a man whom would appreciate my ambitions, and I chose to move to America, where all my dreams . Looking back, I can recall several reasons why I considered leaving Russia. First, I always wanted to speak English like the actors in my favorite English movies and understand them without subtitles. I wanted to understand the English songs from my favorite radio stations. At the time, it just sounded like a stream of unfamiliar words. I tried to learn English in elementary school and even at my Russian University, but I felt my progression became stagnant. Because I had no one to practice with, I was not making the kind of progress I was hoping for. Therefore, moving to America would give me the opportunity to dive into an English-speaking environment and receive first-hand knowledge of English.…show more content…
I realized I simply outgrew the place I was born. Because I was an ambitious girl in Russia, it was very difficult to find a decent young man whom shared a similar outlook on life. Russian men looked at me warily, and for them it was much easier to find came true; I even now have a wonderful daughter which made the decision even more worth
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