The Importance Of Multicultural Literature

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Within the landscape of the classroom, a melting pot of backgrounds and myriad of experiences, it is the teacher’s responsibility to connect with each student. The challenge of connection is trying to find the most inclusive way, to grab the attention, and peak the curiosity and provide a place to explore new ideas. Multicultural Literature can be an insightful vessel within the classroom when used with students as well as prepare preservice teachers for their own classroom. Finally, it is important to evaluate multicultural literature authorship for authentic voice and how the marginalized characters are portrayed. Using multicultural literature to expose preservice teachers to diverse experiences has good intentions in order to prepare them for a diverse classroom. Haddix and Price-Dennis (2013) show there is still an undisputed mismatch in racial, cultural, social economic status, and linguistic background between many teachers and their students in the United States. They present the alarming majority of incoming teachers are white, monolingual, and female. Today’s classrooms are made up as multilingual and multi-ethnic. Teacher education programs are underprepared to address this cultural and linguistic disconnect (pp. 1) between the teacher and the student makeup. As classroom environments continue to become more and more diverse, the incoming teachers remain the same stagnant population. This is regretful because of the unrealistic expectations these preservice

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