The Importance Of Multiculturalism In Canada

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Multiculturalism is an essential part of Canadian identity. A successful and prosperous multicultural society requires cultural accommodation. According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada 's immigration tracking polls, when Canadians were asked “what is the most important barrier to integration, about two-thirds of Canadians mention language and/or cultural barriers” (Jedwab 2008, 222). The study also revealed that “compared to the rest of the world, Canada ranks amongst the countries most inclined to value the cultural contribution of newcomers” (2008, 221). Emphasis on maintaining and attracting immigrants stems from “facing the demographic reality of declining birth rates and population aging” (Satzewich and Liodakis 2017, 97). Therefore, attracting immigrants is essential to the prosperity of Canada, and it is in the countries best interest to provide adequate opportunity for integration of diverse cultures into Canadian society. Counties such as Japan, which also experience a low fertility rate, have suffered demographically and economically from a desire to maintain a homogeneous society by enforcing restrictive policies for immigrants. Today, Canada is much more open to embracing diversity and promoting integration of cultural values than it has been in the past. However, multiculturalism is still met with much resistance (2017, 97).
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