The Importance Of Multiculturalism In The Workplace

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It is essential for an organization to advertise jobs on multiple platforms so that a large number of talented and diversified candidates could gather. There is no inclusiveness in diversity, but multiculturalism makes sure that workforce should be inclusive (S. K Reddy, 2014). The strategic HRM performs many functions in an organization; it is also the responsibility of the HRM to assess the behavior of the workforce to establish that, the employees give importance to diversity and working with other employees for achieving the set objectives of the organization (Namita Rajput, 2017). Discrimination is the primary challenge faced by the many organization during the procedure of recruiting the diverse workers. There is an excellent chance that…show more content…
Training employees on the laws that reflect diversity in the organization are essential. This is achievable when employees are aware of their rights and powers. It is the responsibility of the HRM to improve multiculturalism with utilizing different techniques like employee recruitment, job analysis and employee selection (S. K Reddy, 2014). When the workforce is training from the conversational viewpoint, then they can establish their own professional and personal diversity. Multiculturalism in an organization will ensure that development of knowledge is happening in the workforce regarding religion and history (Joseph, 2017). Furthermore, development of a platform will be necessary where the employees can talk about people as individuals other than as a group, which often seems as stereotyping (Matejskova, 2015). Now a day's it is significant for the organization to adopt the multiculturalism and diversity because will retain the employees in the long term. Training of the workforce ensures that the employees will be able to rethink the current rules and regulation of the organization about the diversity and multiculturalism (Morgan Youssef, 2014). Even though power and privileges of the employees will not be eliminated, the talent that workforce has about conversing their dissimilarities and expectations will be enough for encouraging a general…show more content…
The diverse workforce that belongs to different religion and cultures has a damaging impact on the company. Sometimes, it is difficult for the management to talk with the workforce due to communication barriers and language (Barak, 2016). In the organization, some employees resist the change because they don't want the change and they preferred status quo (S. K Reddy, 2014). Therefore, it is most highly likely that the new diverse workforce will create new ideas and increase the progress of the company. Sometimes training is not enough to implement diversity in an organization (Barak, 2017)

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