The Importance Of Multidisciplinary Integration In Education

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Wang, et al. (2011) explains that the multidisciplinary integration requires students to connect the components of the various subjects taught in different classes at different times, while the interdisciplinary integration could begin with real world problems. Benacka (2016) also says that learning to the real world is very important in the STEM subjects, therefore the STEM learning should be more emphasis on investigation and authenticity.
Chew Cheng Meng (2014) say that education based STEM is interdisciplinary field that connects the four disciplines, namely Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Power of STEM workers in the field regarded as one of the indicators of a nation 's ability to generate innovative ideas in several countries. This is because students who master STEM has a lot of capabilities, such as the ability to identify, implement, and integrate the concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to understand complex issues and have the ability to innovate in solving problems.
The pattern of mathematics learning approach STEM emphasizes the principles of practice, where in each student 's learning is always facilitated to practice so that students get the learning experience not to be forgotten as research Chew Cheng Meng (2014) concluded that STEM must emphasize on the learning experience of students in schools, the concept of eye an integrated lessons, connections between subjects, the student 's ability to solve problems,

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