The Importance Of Multilingualism

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Since the beginnings of humanity, people use the codes of language to communicate and share their lives’ experiences with the next generations. With the advance of technology and the fast network systems to spread this code, the world’s population has gone beyond the borders of its country, increasing the number of new global citizens. Being a global citizen means being conscientious about facts either national or international, external conflicts, technological developments and all kinds of cultural manifestations around the globe. Moreover, this class of citizens share the same practice multilingualism even more, which plays a fundamental role in maintaining the knowledge and spread it to every single person on the Earth. All at once, how does multilingualism promote this global citizenship and the cultural understandings around our planet? First, speaking more than one language increases the capacity of the brain to create new connections to its self-growing and consequently, the learning process. When someone learns other languages, his/her vocabulary increases, and this is applied to explain other words through many different ways. Take, for example, bilingual artists, writers and musicians. They express the essence of knowledge and art by using different comparison structures of the language, examples or even gestures. Therefore, the multilingual ability has an important role in our society so people can grow themselves and start to desire the feeling of speaking more

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