The Importance Of Multilingualism In Education

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3. 5. Significance of the Study WALL has inculcated its existence in our day-to-day living. In the last decade, the extensive use of Web in the form of smart phones, tablets, computers and laptops, has drawn attention to the need to reconsider and redesign conventional pedagogical practices, not only to enjoy the benefits that WALL imparts, but also to remain updated and relevant to contemporary educational environments. The study is significant for policy makers concerning bilingualism and multilingualism in society. Further, the study would equip the educationist and practical teachers with a psychological foundation in designing the structure and pattern of education more meaningful and -appropriately for a need-ability based course contents, which will promote the functional validity of the educational system. In addition to this, the parents may be suggested for improving the standard of English language to reach to the educational goals and aspiration, thereby helping them to self reality-oriented goal setting behavior in society and subsequently, optimization of goal attainment process. This may inculcate and promote confidence in language learners of different classes of society and encourage them to come in close contact with the privileged class, thus wastage and stagnation and withdrawal would be checked the findings of investigation may facilitate the implementation of educational programmes irrespective of government and non-government educational institutions.

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