The Importance Of Multiliteracy

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To be multiliterate, a person is needed to be able to understand and function with numerous methods of communication. Multiliteracy involves being reading and writing literate and being able to understand and use technology to function and survive in the world of today. Technology is constantly changing and increasing and being multiliterate is of vital importance. I intend to discuss three important literacies in my life, being computer literate, reading and writing literate as well as health literacy. These literacies have helped me grow into the person I am today as well as gotten me as successful as I can be at my age.

My journey to becoming computer literate began with my gran at a very young age. My gran was a computer fanatic and played various games. Going to visit my gran on many occasions caused me to become inquisitive about the computer world. By age six, I started becoming interested in computer parts and started playing around on the computer. At eight years …show more content…

My multiliteracy developed with access to further information and questions using technology with my reading, writing and computer developed skills and also with my own personal interest in hygiene, technology and reading. I am equipped with the necessary skills to be fully functional in our multiliteracy society. Multiliteracy is important and it is important for teachers to know their learners multiliteracy journey and history in order to have personal insights as to why a certain child is either lacking a skill or why a child is the way he/she is. It is important as teachers can discover children’s’ abilities and help with skill development. Teachers can also learn about a childs’ experience and offer help and attention. Literacy is very important in every aspect of a person’s life, a teacher in the foundation phase should emphasize this and help their skills and literacies develop

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