The Importance Of Multitasking

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The purpose of the paper is to examine ten of the most important things that have influenced me in my writing style when answering business email and letters related to work. I will also look at the best practices in business writing and the steps that need to be taken to have successful communication skills. Effective communication should focus on being practical, factual, concise, clear and persuasive. Multitasking Let’s take a look at multitasking and why there is so much talk about why people should or should not multitask. In today‘s world of technology, there is no escaping one of the most talked about processes that the average working person does on a regular bases; multitasking. There have been numerous studies and views on whether…show more content…
If productivity is a preferred outcome, then methods should be executed to capitalize on it. Before making multitasking a strength in the workplace, management must consider any possible consequences. One possible effect of multitasking on the employee, would be the increase of stress. If employees take on extremely high levels of stress, there may be the potential for burnout. This could in effect harm the company by inducing a higher turnover rate which can delay productivity. Another concern is the ability for employees to adapt to the increasing demands. Also can the employee effectively juggle tasks without experiencing a significant decrease in performance? If either of these cases turns out to be the result of multitasking, then management should reconsider the training and selection process for…show more content…
The group is more concerned with preserving harmony than with objectively assessing their circumstances, substitutions and preferences. The group, as a whole, tends to take unreasonable actions or overestimate their positions. Groupthink subdues individual thought, and innovation is often a casualty. As a result, organizations often fail to see or respond to developing market trends or adopt emerging technologies. A larger danger of groupthink occurs with companies that are dealing with stressful internal or external conditions or have faced failure in the past, especially as the result of deviating from standard procedure. Organizations with a homogeneous work force are also more subject to groupthink than companies that embrace multiculturalism, a balance between men and women, and a range of age

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