Music In My Life Essay

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Without music, I do not know what my life would be like. I am extremely thankful that my mother introduced me to music. It all started when my mother would only listen to classical music every day when she was seven months pregnant. She would continuously have dreams of a boy playing and striving in music which soon became a reality when I was three years old noticing I would dance and sing to many songs. At preschool, there would always be music playing that would just remain in my head. My mother told my grandmother and she immediately told her to buy a piano for the next year, which marks the start of my journey as a musician.
I had my first lesson when I was just five years old and sat there amazed by how my teacher would play and how great
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I noticed that the other musicians, playing in the event(Participial), were much more experienced. I went in with my solo with the highest expectations. When I saw my results, I asked myself, “Why am I depressed about myself when I completely deserve it?” I imagined I was the king of music. I told myself that they were little mistakes when they were crucial if I did not fix. The next year, it hit me.
It was my first time traveling out of the country for a camp. I went to Austria for a week to play music. I went there to learn as much as I can take home and to flourish it. Seeing the other musicians, I knew I was not that great. On the way to Austria(Preposition), I started to have insane thoughts. At that moment, I wanted to quit the piano, seeing that I was not learning anything with my teacher. I noticed that I should play for my parents for other people. I should not play the violin or piano as if it is a competition. I was jubilant I went to the camp. It helped define the reason I do certain activities.
From that day on, I have learned to express myself and step out of my comfort zone. If I am not willing to change, I will not improve. I switched to a different teacher for both instruments and they have put lots of endeavors to guide me to where I yearn. I am glad I had a “failure” to build into a superior
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