The Importance Of Music Education

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Music education is an area of study related with the teaching and learning of music. It touches on all learning spheres, including the development of skills, the development of knowledge, and in particular, the affective sphere where we see the learner 's enthusiasm to obtain, adopt, and share what is learned, including music appreciation and sensitivity. Music education is a topic that is discussed by many scholars on a regular basis. It is a topic that raises numerous questions as to its implementation in all education systems. Here we will focus on how the methodological approaches of Kodaly, Dalcroze and Orff have defined how music pedagogy is taught in schools. The Kodaly method was developed by Zoltán Kodály, a Hungarian compeoser, ethnomusicologist, linguist and philosopher. Kodaly developed this methodology out of his own ideology of how music should be taught and learned. The Kodaly method places emphasis on singing, solfa, reading and incorporating national music into the education system. Kodaly believed that the development of inner hearing was of the upmost importance. The ability to hear what a student was reading internally, would enable the students to develop the musicality and musicianship to the highest level. Kodaly believed that singing was another way for student to develop musically as everyone has a voice, therefore everyone can participate. He also championed the ability to read music notation to be able to sight read music in choirs and group
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