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Music was influenced by the world for a very long time. It has become more and more popular over time. In the past music can be used for many purposes including relieving stress, sending a message and entertainment, However, in the present time, people start to use music in many other ways especially for educational purposes. Music has been a very important tool for people to study different culture and tradition (Opiyo, 2015). Today, people start to use music as a tool for learning. Overall, music can improve learning skills in three ways which are memorization, creativity, and motivation.

Initially, music can help people to memorize something easier. Music consists of rhythm and its own uniqueness that can help people memorize something easier. The uniqueness of the musical rhythm can grab people 's attention which will be more memorable than listening to people speaking (Gow, 1915). Take an example from my personal experience, when I was young I cannot memorize Thai alphabet order. However, after I tried listening to the music
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There have been many cases of people who is going to give up from doing something, especially in studying, but they decide not to give up because music motivated them to keep fighting. From my personal experience, I believe that a song named “Not Afraid” by Eminem is one of the very useful songs in motivating me not to give up on something. Its lyric mainly tries to motivate people to keep fighting and not to give up. Moreover, the rhythm of the music that continuously fast makes people become more enthusiastic and active. Moreover, in terms of psychology, music’s lyric and tone can influence a lot of emotion including happiness, sadness and hope (Gow, 1915). Therefore, if people listen to appropriate regarding the situation, it is very likely that music will be a useful tool that helps people getting out of the bad moment especially stress from

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