The Importance Of Music In High Schools

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Many high school students struggle with time management and self-discipline, but there is a way to help them learn these attributes—band. In general, music can help people learn and function easier; it can be—and quite often is—used in therapy. Music helps people focus easier, and it can improve their mood. Band, specifically, can help students with many aspects of life; it can keep students healthier, and teach students valuable life lessons. Participating in band—marching band or otherwise—teaches discipline and punctuality. Band teaches discipline, especially during marching season. As a band student, I must learn a considerable amount of music. While learning the music is not difficult, memorizing it takes quite a bit of discipline; I have to make…show more content…
Perfecting marching sets take a great deal of discipline, too. While learning new sets, I must focus enough to remember every set I have learned previously. The band must be quiet while we are on the field, which takes discipline because not talking to my friends when I am around them is challenging. In addition to memorizing show music and marching sets, I have to stay at attention for long periods of time. This takes discipline because I have trouble standing still, but I know that moving while on the field can come with consequences like being called out by a judge or a band director. Even though I can usually get away with not standing at attention for a long time at practice, games and competitions are another
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