Personal Essay: The Influence Of Music On My Life

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Music is a powerful instrument that is like an art which can influence people in multiple ways, it can easily change your attitude and relieve stress. Music is very addictive to some more than others because your mind remembers the lyrics and jingle of the beat enough to even make you hum or sing outload. The lyrics of song often tell a story of the artist almost like listening to a short story. I’ve chosen 5 songs that I either like to listen too or that just represents my life. Most of the songs are rock and roll because I enjoy the beat and story the artist is trying to tell.
My first song is called “Kickstart My Heart”, it’s about a motorcyclist that loves the adrenaline of fast bikes and running from the cops. One of the lyrics is “Always got the cops chasing after me, custom built bike doing 103” (Nikki Sixx) means he’s always breaking the rules because he loves living a risky life. This song represents me very well because I ride motorcycles and I love the adrenaline rush of speed and fear while you’re flying down the
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Since I can remember, I’ve always listened to this song whilst cruising in our boat on a sunny summer day doing water sports with the family. That’s actually the first place I’ve ever heard the song, and every time I hear it in the car or on the radio, the first thought that comes to me is being with my family on Gates Lake enjoying life. “All you wanna do is ride around sally” (Mack Rice), is one of the most repeated lyrics in the beat. I think those lyrics represent me a lot, because as soon as I lose my L and get my N, I don’t think I’ll ever be seen outside my car again because all I want to do is ride around. The second paraphrase I chose is “I guess I’ll have to put your flat feet on the ground”, signifying that he’s trying all he can to get her to stop driving and walk around, and experience life in a different

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