Commercial Songs Essay

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Music is the soul of a song and to have music full of life and desire to reach out it has to have a few elements in place. These elements can be categorized as follows:

1. Structure: this is about the pattern or structure that a song needs to have. Listen to any song on your music player or radio and you will automatically be able to understand that most of them have a structure, a pattern, an arrangement. If a song is not well-structured it points out to the amateurism of the songwriter. A song will have repetitions, pauses, etc in its structure be it in the melody or the lyrics or a contrast between in a verse or a chorus. The idea is to make the activity of listening to any given song an activity of interest. The verses would generally follow a set pattern and the contrast is provided by the chorus which is the catchy and hooky part of the song. Sometimes a song may many a times incorporate what is termed as a bridge. This bridge generally follows the chorus but may also flow through between a verse and a chorus. A bridge can be very useful if the song seems to be too monotonous and this bridge can be a very simple chord or melody change that can take your song to the next level of delight amongst listeners. Modern music world has witnessed that
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Melody: the reason why commercial songs are created is that they must be sung or at least hummed. As such when one needs to compose a song following aspects need to be considered:

a. Simplicity – a simple melody will always be easy to catch, memorize , sing and follow. It is essential to be able to come up with a melody that is easy to singalong effortlessly by listeners.
b. Range and key – a song would have to be written within a range and a key thatany average person can easily pick. This helps every man/woman on the street tosing along even though their vocal cords may be that of an amateur. Most of the commercial songs would generally have any of the following keys –

i. C – with no sharps or
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