The Importance Of Music In My Life

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Ever since I was young, I have loved music. Music is no stranger to us, we can not live without music, but also enrich our lives. Our life is getting better and better with the existence of music. Many people like to listen to music, like music as a great pleasure. Music always brings me a different kind of thing. If you want to ask how the music brings the feeling, I will tell you with certainty that music like a trip, author/singer? through music, to show people their own world, but also to listen to people to feel their own world. the lyrics that variety between heart-warming and heart-breaking have always had an unexplainable effect on my life. Maybe for many people music is just a sound, but for me, music is a magic that music can give your soul more comfort. You can truly feel this in our hearts, and then you can find something different. Music seems to have the ability to change certain aspects of my world.

Music has absolutely been an enormous part of my life and who I am. However, this is not to say that I have much musical talent. I did in the choir in elementary school, ever I do not have a sound of the angel. I played the guitar for one year through middle school, but one day I came to a simple decision. then I quit because the guitar did not touch my heart. In contrast, when I pass the piano shop someday, I heard the beautiful melody and harmony of the piano, it fascinated I gave it a try, I will never forget the first time I played the piano. I soon

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