The Importance Of Music In Physical Education

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Music is a very significant part of our daily lives. The image of the quietly-focused student isolating themselves into a personal study zone has led to interest into whether listening to music actually helps studies or not.
The most famous theory linking music and cognitive performance is the ‘Mozart effect’ (1756-1791), the popular idea that listening to Mozart makes you smarter. The research itself was interested in the relation between Mozart and ‘spatial-temporal reasoning’, or knowing how to fit things into other things, basically. The idea that music particularly classical can improve exam results has endured.
Some studies conclude that listening to music before doing an assignment can be beneficial. Aside from enhancing one’s mental abilities, it also improves attention and memory, things that are essential when studying. In addition to that, it can also lessen anxiety and depression.
Music is one of the most challenging subjects to be taught. In the Philippine setting, students come into contact with other basic areas of the curriculum: Math, Values Education, Science, Filipino, Social Studies, Languages/ English, Physical Education, Arts and Health. While music is a subject with its own body of knowledge, and is inherently worth knowing, its comprehensive nature serves as a foundation for a unified and comprehensive educational setting.
Based on the article of Prof. Violeta E. Hornilla in 1963, DECS Memorandum #11, s.1963 was issued pointing out that Arts and
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