The Importance Of Music In Sex Life

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Could music make your sex life better?
Admit it, sex is important in this modern life, and so many people want to boost up their games. To some people, music adds a little bit of spice to their sex life. To some others, they feel quite weird to reply to the idea of “music during sex”. It turns out that, though most of us have a certain favorite music genre, not all of us embrace the idea of listening to music during sexual intercourse. However, the number of people agreeing that listening to music can stimulate the sex life.

There are many hypotheses for this idea. Firstly, the rhythm is what sex and music have in common. Sex therapist Moushumi Ghose supposed that the way of making love can mimic the favorite type of music of the listeners.
Secondly, it was pointed out by several researches that everyone should integrate music into sex life because of several psychological benefits which can make them perform better in their sexual roles. In general, listening to music triggers the release of "dopamine" which is the positive-feeling chemical in our brains. Amazingly, this chemical was found in human bodies when they are treated well with good food, nice sleep, and some juicy sex. Moreover, certain types of music increases the signs of arousal like increasing breathing and heart-beat rate. So in short, you can double your dopamine release at one shot by doing 2 actions at the same time: having sex and listening to music! How wonderful does it sound?

Thirdly, researchers

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