The Importance Of Music In Teaching English

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Music has always been an indispensable part of human life. Many of us can still remember the nursery rhymes of our childhood or singing along at school events. Nowadays people have access to music via technological devices and sing aloud their favorites during the day. Considering all these examples of the constant role that songs and music play, we come to the point that songs have not still been a part of one of the most important aspects of our life, which is education. Brewer (1995. Pg.2) stated "How is it that for most people music is a powerful part of their personal life and yet when we go to work or school we turn it off?" Teachers and educators have always looked for new methods of teaching in which students accept and feel comfortable with. Music is one of the ways in which students find it a way of entertainment rather than work and find it amusing and relaxed (Shen, 2009) "Music is a promising tool because it is appreciated globally, is easily accessible and is accepted by the masses." (Hall, 2010) Incorporating music into teaching English can reduce negative attitudes most students have toward English. "It is no surprise that EFL learners view English language learning as insipid and unconquerable obstacle." (Shen, 2009). By using English songs in EFL/ESL classes, students can enjoy learning English with enthusiasm and can retain much larger amount of information. "Music affords students a personal experience, one that educators can use to stimulate,
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