Music In The Victorian Era Essay

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In the Victorian Age, music was a prominent form of entertainment for all families. Whether it was making their own music, sitting around singing songs together, or having dances, music was a very important part of the Victorian Era. Although there were differences in social and economic classes, everyone knew how to have fun in their own ways. Music in the mid 1800s has shaped the way that music is made today as well with new techniques being discovered. With this being said, music in the Victorian Era has inspired much of our music today, has become a very important form of entertainment, and has been used in many dances and parties. Inspiration for music in the Victorian Era were antiquity, folklore, history, and exotic cultures (Music in the Victorian Era). Most folk music was made during this time and was the most liked music genre during the start of the Victorian Era (Music and Musicians in The Victorian Era). However, there were…show more content…
Also, women were now allowed to play the violin (The History of Musical Etiquette). In 1839, the journal Musical World said, 'we think so highly of ladies and the violin that we rejoice at every opportunity of their being introduced to each other ' (The History of Musical Etiquette). Some other instruments used in the Victorian Age were the saxophone, tuba, and the flute (Popular Victorian Music). In the Early Victorian Era, people primarily saw most of the music entertainment being held in public locations (Music and Musicians in The Victorian Era). One of the very most popular public locations were saloons (Music and Musicians in The Victorian Era). However, because of urban development, the older music halls that people would go to enjoy music got pushed out of existence (Music and Musicians in The Victorian Era). Although there were other ways to enjoy public music, more people began to stay home and created music

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