Personal Narrative: My Sister's Mistakes In My Life

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Lastly my sister, my sister is a person that even do she is older than me I have seen her change, progress and learn from her mistakes in my life. Not only this, but she guides me through life so I don’t make the same. Even if we don’t show that we love each other I know that we will always be there for each other no matter what the past may tell. Friends are the people who you can tell anything and they will make a joke out of it. When starting school for me it was easy making friends but as most of us I had a best friend, Benjamin Vergnaud we were best friends from K5 until 4th grade and it is a friendship that I will never forget. We were brothers and I guess time drifted us apart but he is still a good friend today but nothing like before.…show more content…
My dad had been a national champion on cycle-cross when he was thirteen so when I was six he kind of forced me to start practicing it. I didn’t really enjoy it but it really made my dad happy but after two years I had to leave it because it was only stressing me. After this I decided to start playing guitar because my sister did. My dad bought me an electric guitar and I started the lessons. I enjoyed it and loved rock music (my favorite band was Kiss) but I hadn't really learned anything mostly because I never practiced and I hated the teacher but also because I preferred to watch videos on my computer, and I really learned a lesson when I realized that it was the only thing I did. After summer that year I never talked to my teacher so I left the guitar too. From all those lessons I have learnt that the small time I get to do the things I love I have to exploit it and use it to its maximum potential. After a while of piano I started to start in something else since I was becoming kind of a fatty. I started practicing kickboxing in 6th grade and did until the middle of 7th grade. I won one championship, and out of 22 fights I had I won 18. I loved it but I eventually got tired of it and I joined the gym and here I am today exercising and playing the

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