The Importance Of My Culture

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I’m just a basic white male American who has no culture. This is what I was thinking before I wrote this paper about how the objects around me identify and represent my culture and me without even me realizing it. It was embarrassing in class when I was asked to write about my culture and I couldn 't think of one sentence. Thankfully, I can write almost a whole book about my culture. I realize I do have a culture because of the most important objects in my life: my swim goggles, my mother 's biscuits and my favorite movie “The Christmas Story”. My swim goggles represent my culture and me. Without these goggles, I wouldn’t be able to do what I love and that is swim. They’re a black latex material with thick oval shaped orange lenses with an easily adjustable band that grips tightly around my head. My swim goggles connect me to my culture which is if you work hard it will pay off. For example, my freshman year I was a no good JV Swimmer, and I worked my butt off and won Rookie of the Year. Now, I am a top swimmer for BMHS of which I am proud. Hard work does pay off. Also, my goggles remind me of waking up every morning at 5 am to swim before school and after school as well. All hours when I’ve been working hard. Not only me, but my teammates too. It works in a circle almost, since I work hard the guy next to me wants to beat me so he’s going to try and work harder than me. But I want to be better so I’m going to work harder and on and on the cycle continues.
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