The Importance Of My Dream

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Every human being on Earth has its own dreams and ambitions, forcing the rest of the people to respect it. For me, no matter what, anybody 's dream is beautiful. When we have dreams, we have the purpose of life, and we find life more meaningful. Your dream is different from my dream and of course my dream can not be the same as yours, because you and me have different ways to realize our dreams. I live every day based on that dream. The "dream" is not food, not something that can be dressed up to help me be splendid, and my dream is a slow-boom bomb, it will explode if I dare ignore it . So force me every day, every hour to really try to realize his dream.

Know the dream

Sixteen years of life with the ups and downs, different variants of life, sometimes there will be smile as well as tears, and it is his dream to help me overcome all. When I was little, I was like the other children want to have dolls, then the toys are beautiful, colorful colors, the "wish" that is called a dream? When it is not sustainable and does not need to try to get. Then it is not unreasonable for a child who has no dream or that is just a simple desire to change over time, simply because children are not adults! As I grew older, I became more aware of myself and my family. I was born and grew up in a poor countryside, and my family was not very good at it. When the whole family waits for his father 's job and his mother 's tailor 's job. Cut the hair is not a day, may be rare to be a few people.

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