The Importance Of My Education

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I still remember the exhaustion and sadness I felt during that walk to school. At the age of 13, I childishly struggled to wake by 6 am every morning, but I always did so because I knew I had many responsibilities to attend to. One morning I missed my alarm and missed the bus to school. By default, I had neglected my responsibility to wake my 9-year-old brother, prepare us a breakfast, and get him on the bus to school before I sent myself. That morning I cried as I washed up in icy cold water, packed a snack for my brother and not myself because there was not enough for both of us, and prepared for a very long walk. That day I walked well over 6 miles as my brother’s school was in the opposite direction of my own. That day I realized how important my education was to me. Education meant that for a moment I could be selfish in my desires and center myself into a world of my own. Those desires still ring true today. I grew up in a home that lacked a true sense of compassion, love, and an adult figure that held the responsibility of the household. The effects of this still impact me today, but I never lost my compassion…show more content…
My life, my academic career, my path has not been easy, but I have never for once given up on myself or my desire for higher education. Where some may accept defeat, I create solutions. I stare circumstance in the face and I say there is a way. During my undergraduate academic career, my GPA was impacted by these obstacles but my desires were never overcome by them. I desire to pursue a graduate degree in Applied Health Research and Evaluation. I am meticulous in regards to my previous research and laboratory experience and pressure only adds fuel to the engine. I have high hope that the university that will be honoring me with my undergraduate degree offers me the opportunity to earn my graduate
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