The Importance Of My Education In China

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I learned to read and write with passion during my education in China. I still remember it as if it were yesterday my first day of class in China a young naive kid with no care of respect acknowledge to any of my teacher. Which give me the nickname “cocky bastard” which sadly only boosted my ego to do even worse in school which also gave me a very horrid reputation at home causing many parents at the village to forbid their children to talk or play with me. During my first and second years, my grades were basically a joke and that most of the teacher just give up on me which I could not blame them since I never completed any of my homework and barely showed up at class. But somehow I was able to attend third grade which in my opinion back then was a waste of my time since both of my parents lived in the US while I was left in the care of my uncle who was trying his best to guide me to the right…show more content…
Sima made us complete a research paper on a southern song dynasty general whose name was Yue Fei who was best known for leading Southern Song forces in the wars in the 12th century between Southern Song and the Jurchen-ruled Jin dynasty in northern China who was later executed by his only country. After finishing my research paper and handling it in Mr. Sima saw the improvement in my righting and was also very placed but he also said one thing that would later on help me throughout my education career which would the lack of emotion in my writing which worried him since in his opinion. The only way to get the attention of your readers you must first write my emotion only then could you keep your audience's attention. Which was he told me to stay after class and readied to me a poem written by the general Yue Fei which would be the famous Man Jiang Hong by listen to this poem I heard the emotions of Yue Fei which shocked me since I never thought a poem except Zhuge Liang's poem could have such an effect on

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