Reflection On Faith

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I am a Christian who prays and believes in her faith. I pray all the time even if there isn’t a reason, but I do especially when there is a reason. My faith has been tested, but whose faith hasn’t been tested? However, one specific time my faith was truly tested. I felt lost and scared because I doubted my faith and my belief in God. In that moment I didn’t feel like I truly belonged. It all started when my best friend was having several heart issues during surgeries that caused him to flat line each time. Through all these surgeries my faith was strong, but each time it got just a little weaker. I had faith that everything would be okay and that God was watching over him. For a while they didn’t even test his heart to find out the problem causing the flat lines, but then they decided to finally test it and they found out that his heart was filling with blood. They pumped out the blood and said he would be fine now, but just to watch it. Not even a week later his heart had filled with blood again in one chamber they said. However, they told him wrong, and when he got home they called and told him two of his…show more content…
He had text me right before hand and said goodbye, and sadly I let that thought get to me. All I could think about was this surgery is going to be the time when he will have been hit by too many stones, and that I would lose my best friend. I text my church friends about this hoping for them to give me some of my faith back somehow, but my faith was so weak. I had almost completely fallen into the dark hole of negativity. I had almost completely given up on praying because I didn’t know how he would beat the odds, how his heart would be able to make it through it, and how he had gotten lucky way too many times already. Without my faith I was lost in my sadness, and I felt like I didn’t deserve to belong in this situation. No one at my age deserves to be in a situation like
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