My Family Values Essay

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Every story has a beginning, and mine starts in the midwest of the United States. Nineteen years ago, I grew up in a rather small town that helped me define who I am today. Living in a smaller town located relatively close to my family, I realized family was a very important aspect of my life. Along with becoming closely knit within my family, values and norms became a large part of helping me understand what was acceptable within my community, and my culture. Additionally, I have developed myself by the different statuses and roles that I identify with.
Undoubtedly, growing up with strong family ties brings some advantages along with disadvantages. A family is defined as a social group whose members are bound by legal, biological, or emotional
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Values are defined as shared beliefs about what a group considers worthwhile or desirable. While norms are defined as rules regarding what kinds of behaviors are acceptable and appropriate within a culture. Furthermore, norms can be broken down into three types which include, folkway, more, and taboo. Some values that have been instilled into my life are to be tolerant and accepting of things and people who are different than you know, respectfulness, and to become your own individual. I have accepted these as some of my values throughout my life, I let others express their opinions and let them speak their mind rather than just telling them that they are wrong. Secondly, I do not bully others just because they may think or look different than me. Everyone is special in there own way and that just makes them. Some norms that I have been inspired by are to look someone in the eyes when they are speaking to you, saying please and thank you, and to inform the person I am meeting if I will be late. An example, in my life, is when my father scolded me and grounded me for being late home because I did not inform him that I would be late. I had learned that this was a great norm within society and that you should always be on time, but if you will be late you need to inform the proper
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