The Importance Of My Father's Inspiration

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I found inspiration can come in many forms. It’s not always the people that stand behind you or push you to strive to be your best, it can come from those that have let you down, those that their presence is needed but never there. I’ve been fortunate to experience both. My father’s absences and my mothers constant presence is an inspiration to push forward.
Through all my triumphs and accomplishments my mother has been there for constant encouragement and pure joy for everything going right in my life. All my mother’s encouragement and love never fell short, through either a hill or valley, she was there to support and show her presence. The endless effort of my mother is unmeasurable, my mother works two jobs consistently sometimes three to not only make ends meet, but to give my brother and I what we also needed. The part that will always make the difference between her and a regular mom is that even with the long hours of work she still managed time to make it to all my brothers and I events and be on every sideline making her presence known. She’s always been a tough woman, she’s even stronger in my eyes for teaching me that hard work pays off but it means more when done in a classroom towards an education. That the life she has lived doesn’t has to be repeated, the numerous jobs, long nights.. All that does not have to be in my future if I work hard in school towards my desired dreams. It’s always been just the three of us in our family, if we had to count on
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