Why I Want To Do After High School Essay

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A lot of aspects in my life changed drastically when I started my first year of high school. I became more matured and dedicated in my education, which made me feel better with myself as I started to improve as a student. Teachers suddenly began to mention college and demand the requirement to know what career you want to make a living of, and reality instantaneously hit me hard. I realized that I had to upgrade my grades and start thinking about my future, something that I have been avoiding for a long time, so eventually, when my grades became higher than usual and the only thing left was to decide what major I was getting in my mind was completely blank. Since I was young I thought that I was convinced about what I wanted to do, but I became aware that what I wanted was a bit unrealistic and as I heard my friends talk about their future with such confidence l felt uncertain about mine. Something that I have always been frightened of is to spend carelessly my time, to apply for a major I do not like, and to become an unsuccessful person. Those are the top three reasons that are holding me back for deciding what I want to do once I have to apply for college. It is not that simple to choose a major when you know it will probably be the only advantage you will have to get a…show more content…
Knowing how to take critics is an essential in life, knowing how to deal with them is a necessity. I do have to admit that I met so many great people during High School that have support me and helped me, and now I am aware that I wouldn't be here without them. Not everyone will have the best interest in you and once in a while it is important to know that it´s alright. Sometimes the only person you need to achieve success is
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