The Importance Of My Life

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Throughout the years I have come to forget about my past as I focus on the future, and on creating memories which I am sure to remember. I live in the present not in the past. After all, I live by the quote of Alice Morse Earle, “Yesterday’s history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift that is why it is called the present.” I enjoy creating memories, memories which I am sure to remember, since youth lives in hope and old lives in memories. Nevertheless, there are some snippets of my life that appear once in a while, making me remember about my past. It has become a habit of mine to piece all of these snippets together to create a coherent story, it 's like a puzzle that never seems to end. Some of the stories which I have come to remember, relate to how I came to read, write and speak.

This is what I remember: I was about 4 years old in Bogota, Colombia when I first learnt how to write and speak in two different languages at the same time. I don 't seem to remember the whereabouts of both my brother or sister, which is bizarre, as they seem to have played a role in all of my stories so far. I remember being in CGB (Colegio Gran Bretana) a small international school surrounded with bilingual kids who were just like me. They would learn how to write and speak English during school and communicate with their families in Spanish at home. We were raised this way since knowing English was an essential aspect when it came to traveling, and we all knew that travelling was in
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