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What my true “life’s blueprint” is not clear, however the effects I want to leave are. My blueprint is scattered with multiple ideas, though its goal is easily identifiable. Happiness, financial stability, changing the world, and leaving a legacy are words that immediately come to mind when thinking of what the rest of my life would be. I’d be able to leave a positive mark on everyone. That is what my life’s blueprint would be surrounded upon, and I’d rely on myself and the support of those close to me to accomplish it, though I’d first have to figure out who I truly am and get motivated to give my all. Ultimately, my determination would achieve excellence and my goals would be reached, improving the world from its current state. “Whenever a building is constructed, an architect draws a blueprint. The blueprint serves as the pattern, as the guide.” Martin Luther King Jr. once said in his “What is Your Life’s Blueprint?” speech. That is what it means to me. It leads me towards the goals I want to attain, it is the…show more content…
I would strive diligently to persist in doing so, figuring out what I truly want in life. I would rely on myself for the most part, because only I can achieve my own personal dreams. Though, the support of those close to me would help greatly, knowing that I do have people to stand by me, even from the beginning. Lao Tzu once vocalized, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” and I hold this to be true. In spite of the fact that I do not have a clear clue on how I will be able to achieve my goals, I do know which direction I am heading towards, and hope that the opportunities that I take, the grades that I make, the support I am given, and the amount of willpower I have would be enough. Additionally, the experiences I endure through, what I learn, and the places I’d go would encourage
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