The Importance Of My Mask

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The Mask Within Me As Kofi Annan stated, “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” Initially, masks are utilized in several different ways. For instance, people in the Stone Age used masks as a source of disguise to stalk their prey and later on attempt to kill it. To add, civilizations through history such as the Greek used masks to impersonate people and built their masks in a fashion where it acted as a megaphone. However, my mask, Knowmore, expresses knowledge, as it is one of the most prominent aspects that helps the human race to advance each day. A person who is educated can make smarter decisions, have a better understanding on topics, and thus even possibly enhance the life of other people. Knowledge is permanent unlike objects that only have a use for period of time. Through knowledge, humans can shape new point of views and create new innovative ideas. Finally, the mask I created, expresses the importance I give to knowledge, through the use of symbols such as the owl, a white beard, and youth. The physical appearance of my mask, Knowmore, is made in a very simple way. Primarily, my mask is made up of cardboard as a base. After designing the shape of my mask, each part of the mask was drawn in pencil. Secondly, the painting part came, where the colors were specifically chosen to designate beautiful feathers or to make an impression of a young owl. Furthermore, the most detailed

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