What Is My Most Important Experience In My Life Essay

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Throughout my life I experienced many ups and downs, and at a young age I realize that sometimes you cannot depend on others and if you want something only you can make that happen. I had many jobs in my life and I believe that it’s because I was trying to find what would make me happy, but also without an education the choices are not grand and farfetched. I opened a business with a friend of mine and that tanked, and was confronted with a situation where I almost became homeless. I met some very good individuals while running the business and one was that we had many Law Enforcement clients. I became really good friends with them and was completely intrigued by their stories at the work place. When the business was finished and closed I still kept a relationship with many of them.…show more content…
I had other things to deal with that where deal breakers one was my age because by state law there is an age restriction for law enforcement and education. Throughout my journey I had the opportunity to start a relationship with my son and quickly realize that my son and his mom where Christians. My son invited me to his church, I had accepted Christ in my life before but was not serving the Lord the way I should and it was a while since I attended church. The relationship started to get stronger and I spend a lot of time with my son and throughout spending time with him a relationship started with his mom again. We are married now, I was baptized at our church and when I first started my journey with them my wife was going to school and I thought here it was late for me but she was doing it and doing it well she graduated with honors. That spiked a fire in me, and then while speaking with my friends I realized that there was not an age restriction if I wanted to become a Sheriff. Upon applying to various places with no luck I decided to start doing volunteer work with the Sheriff department

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