Reflective Essay: My Senior Year Of High School

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Going into my senior year of high school, I always pictured a perfect image of it being easy and fun, but it was the total opposite. I started off my senior being lazy; I knew I had my admissions and applications lined up, so there was no need to study, right? I sent in my application early to the University of Houston and every day I lingered around the mail box waiting on my acceptance letter. Thinking everything was done for college and planned out, I went to every sporting event, and made many memories with my friends.
One evening during the fall, my mom checked the mail and brings me this plain white, thin University of Houston envelope. Ripping the envelope as fast as I can, my heart starts to beat ten times harder and my hands start to sweat. As I read this thin piece of paper, my world stops, everything is mute, and I cannot hear a thing. I nervously called my academic advisor and asked what went wrong. She immediately called me back saying my SAT scores were not high enough. Hearing the heartbreaking news from my advisor, I was easily discouraged because taking tests for me is like an obstacle course. I have really bad anxiety and I blank
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Walking into the brightly lit gym, I see the beautiful red, white, and blue decorations everywhere and my encouraging family standing right beside the signing table. As I get closer to the table, I am swarmed with love, care, encouragement, and positive energy. As I sat down in the middle of the decorated table, I smiled from ear to ear and just thanked everyone for their encouragement and support. After my speech, I put the balled ink tip to the National Letter of Intent and signed my next four years to the University of Houston. It felt so great to finally have some positive energy in my life. This was the turning point of my life. As a result of my challenge, I know with perseverance and action, I can achieve any

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