Too Much Self Love Leads To Narcissism

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Through all of human history, there seems to be a constant fascination among all societies, ourselves. The grand and elegant statues that stood in ancient Greece, the never-ending hallways of detailed portraits that hang in the Louvre in Paris, or the primitive drawings found in crevices that seemed to inhabit the prehistoric people groups, there is an innate sense in all humans that seems to want to document the fact of existence. It is natural to feel the desire to be documented, to have proof of a life and a sense of what it was. Appreciation for oneself is an essential part to a healthy life, but balancing that appreciation is imperative. Too much self love leads to narcissism. “Narcissism is having an inflated view of oneself”(campbell).…show more content…
This is because narcissist thrive in shallow environments. When friendship is just a status and they can thrive off of making things about themselves, narcissist will feel at home. In this study it was overall concluded that narcissist; take more selfies than the average person, spend most of their available time on social media, and self promote themselves excessively. Following this study, a pattern of longitude inferred that social media growth rates, correlate with increasing narcissism. Narcissists are successful in their social media careers. Their self absorbedness is an annoyance but they wildly contribute to the massive growth and popularity of social media websites…show more content…
Narcissistic people are not fun to be around for a long period of time, but they are not typically a danger to anyone else. It is such a common trait today with the ablation from social media, most narcissist surround themselves with others like themself, which gives this disorder a sense of normalcy. Personally and professionally, narcissism hinders genuine connections with people. It is dangerous in the sense that it can hold people back from progressing in their lives, due to the fact that real relationships cannot be formed. Narcissist today use social media as their mode of building friendships. Spotting these “narcissist” on social media apps, is not hard. They tend to be the people posting the most selfies, because every selfie is a ploy to gain admiration. Seeking admiration can also be a trait of those who frequently post different profile pictures. Regular posters on these medias, also suggest a desperation for validation, as a new photo creates stigma around the poster and boosts their ego. Studies show that endlessly browsing social media can mean that a person has narcissistic tendencies and may have an internet addiction. Studies also show that people who post more and feel compelled to overshare about their lives, and even sometimes lie to make them seem more interesting, are probably narcissistic. If someone feels the need to lie to make themself feel better, action should be taken,

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