The Importance Of Nationalism

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Nationalism is a sense of belonging and identification to a certain culture or nation. People believe that their country is better than the others. Nationalism encouraged nations to fight for their own independence and taught citizens that is was acceptable to take over another country. Nationalism played a huge role in unifying Germany. German states united together under William. Under Bismarck 's rule, Germany became an Industrial Giant. WIthin the 25 years that Germany was uniting as one , they quickly became the strongest military, industrial, and economic power on the European continent and joined other great powers in overseas expansion (Historic World Events).
World War 1 occurred between 1914-1918. There was 4 major reasons for why World War I started: Militarism, Alliances, Competition and Nationalism. This war began in Europe with the alliance of Germany and Austria-Hungary against the alliance of Britain, France, Russia, and Serbia. It eventually involved over 30 nations around the globe (World War I). The war ended because Germany and its allies were defeated. Almost 10 million deaths were totaled in four years. “The war had profound impact on the political and economic structure of the world and is generally considered to be the pivotal event in the decline of European influence in the world” (International Military and Defense Encyclopedia). After World War 1 ended, European countries had a very little say to what would happen around the world.
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