The Importance Of Natural And Human Nature In America

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A social system based on inequality and submission of the individual to feudal lords and the church cannot be associated with natural and human nature. However, people will immediately start to live in accordance with the natural law and will find harmony and happiness if somebody enlighten their minds, explaining to them the truth. For scholars, the mind can be "alpha and omega" of everything: world`s nature and the way of gaining the knowledge, the only criterion of truth, and a means of rehabilitation and improvement of human society. XVIII century is also called the century of Intelligence, the smartest of all ages. Great Britain considers America as intellectual “province,” however, the ideas of overseas educators had the biggest impact. They had bigger popularity than in Europe; they stepped on the land, as it was specifically prepared for them and for their ideas. From the very beginning America was a kind of "laboratory" where educators tested the thesis of inherent right of people for freedom, equality and the pursuit of happiness: it had always been a refuge for puritans, persecuted for their faith, and to prisoners shipped here for a more active colonies settlement. There was initially no class distinctions and there were more place to live than in the Old World, as well as the possibility of self-realization, improving the social status and well-being for everyone. Finally, here the New England puritans built their "city on a hill" in order to reveal the "light

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