The Importance Of Natural Cosmetics In China

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However, a correlation was found in terms of education and incomes. The consumers of natural cosmetics are considered more educated and wealthier than the average consumer (Shim, 1995; Mintel, 2009).

2.1.3 Natural Cosmetics in China

The cosmetics and beauty market is changing in China. Chinese consumers are becoming more interested in environmentally friendly practices and products. The eco-friendly consumption trend in China appears in the increasing popularity of healthy, ecological, and sustainable lifestyles, which has significantly boosted sales of eco-friendly products. With environmental pollution, seen as a threat to people’s health and safety, the number of consumers willing to adopt and able to afford natural cosmetics significantly progressed. Growing consumer awareness of health and wellness issues increased demand for natural products. The trend of natural cosmetics also derives from Chinese culture. For many thousands of years, Traditional Chinese Medicine has focus on the use of natural ingredients to cure illnesses, promote health, balance and harmony. Traditional Chinese medicine has been an important part of people’s lives. Manufacturers have rapidly understood this concept and offered products, which include natural elements and even ingredients used in Chinese medicine.
Natural cosmetics, and especially Chinese herbal cosmetics, are opening up a new territory in the natural cosmetics market in China. Numerous companies have taken advantage of this

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