The Importance Of Natural Landscape

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Natural Landscape is the result of the various operative Environmental and Tectonic forces and is considered as the Environmental litter left behind by these forces. The natural landscapes are shaped by nature and thus the humans have no direct role to play into them. while the designed landscapes are interventions by the human beings as per their intellectual design ability and conscious functional needs. For a healthy and balanced development of a nation, a healthy environment is essential and this is given by the careful planning and designing of exterior spaces. Historically, the way Landscape and the gardens were treated depended upon the attitude and view of the people towards nature. Landscape and gardens have been viewed and designed differently in the Eastern and Western cultures. Nature can be dominated, controlled and made to serve humans is the view generally attributed to that of the West; while harmony and co-existence with nature and the action taken not to radically…show more content…
It is said that the development and the Environment should go hand in hand. Different cultures vary in their approach towards consumption of resources. The consumption tradition has taken exploitative approach towards farming, ranching, timber and mineral extraction, mass tourism and manufacturing. As Green spaces are regarded as the lungs of the city, a lot of importance is attached to them. If these spaces are not adequately located while planning of the city, cities will become heat sinks and shall be unsuitable for habitation. Conventionally, human intervention is considered to be abrupt and short time-scaled, as against the age-long time scale of natural processes; which created the natural landscape. Nevertheless, the human interventions should be comprehensively planned and executed over a longer time scale complimenting the natural landscape in time and

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