Bali Island Tourism Essay

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Indonesia is a developing country in the world with many potential resources, especially the natural resources. The natural resources of Indonesia are very varied, such as mountains, beaches, animals, many kinds of tree, and many more. One of the greatest benefits of these natural resources make Indonesia becomes one of the tourism destinations in the world. Moreover its condition as an islands country, makes Indonesia has various characteristics of natural resources in its different island and it increases the uniqueness of Indonesia. One of the Indonesian island which is known in international scope is Bali Island. In 1969, the government built the Ngurah Rai International Airport which was becoming a starting point of Bali’s tourism industry began. The tourism of Bali itself has been developed since 1970s. Bali, as stated by Parker in 2013, is a tourism destination which is having a high potential in the nature resources, such as rice paddies terraces, beautiful beaches, and lakes. Bali has many temples, and even called as an island with thousands temples, and it has a fascinating acculturation between Balinese’s culture and Hinduism which takes the interest of the people from all around the world and becomes the tourism hotspot in 2012. The fact that Bali has a huge…show more content…
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