Naturalism: The Scientific Way Of Life

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We as humans are blessed creatures. We have the ability to freely decide what we want to do with our lives. We can choose to be charitable or deceitful, it is our choice in how we live life. Some choose to follow the one true God who created all, while some are misguided by false gods and way of living. Naturalism is one of these types of lifestyle. Naturalism is the belief that nothing is really special. It is just natural. The way the world was created and how it will end to human existence, reason, morality and history is all just a tremendous thing called nature and that is the way life is going to continue to be. Naturalism is a very scientific way to live life. Naturalists are always trying to find out the why's and how's of the universe,…show more content…
We all have been responsible for something in our lives, whether it is to a pet, a person, or an action we have done. We can say that or responsibility for our pet is to take care of it and to keep it healthy and lively or we are responsible to have healthy relationships with other friends and family. But, what exactly are we as humans responsible for in our lives? For example as Christians, our primary cause of something can be directed towards God. We strive to make God happy by following His commandments, which in the long run will effect our lives thus making us more like God. It is clear to see the purpose God has given us. From the very beginning we have had responsibilities as man( if you believe in Christianity): we have been called to be the who stands above all the other creatures and the one's to take care of Earth( Gen 2:15;19-20). I could go on and on of the responsibilities that God gives us, but as a naturalistic point of view the only thing we are responsible for is being alive. Humans are not set apart to be anything special, they are just “complex machines” trying to figure out what life is about through the study of our natural world. The only credit that naturalists claim to is that the existence of humans was just one big cosmic roll of the dice that happen to land on the right numbers. To a naturalists our responsibility is in the only in the “now” and for us “to be happy”(sire loc 813), unlike Christianity and other world religions where the things we do “now” have a purpose because the effect us in the “after”. But, if we are just living for the “now” how do we decide what is morally

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