The Proudest Moment In My Life Analysis

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For me to fall in love with science, and ecology in particular, has been a lifelong process. I was lucky to have experienced an early discovery of the joys and nuances of nature and this was supported throughout my youth and adulthood by peers, and more importantly, my family. My first memory, of seeing light filtering through swaying trees above me while laying in my mothers’ arms, is indicative of the beauty and tranquility that nature has provided me throughout my life. This memory also points out the principal enabler for this positive outlook, my mother. Something as simple as light changed my perception of the world and continues to astound me. From a young age, I valued the importance of light and its effect on every environment; this…show more content…
I always felt that being outside made me a part of something bigger than myself, and it always reminded me of how I felt on my aunt’s ranch as a child. The most absolute joy I felt as a young adult was when I went on hikes or to visit the tide pools, parks, or natural history museums. My friends felt similarly and we grew in this way together. As I grew older, and began to deal with depressive episodes, I found the most solace in the moonlight, nature, and sunlight around me. I wished to go back to my aunt’s land, but simply being able to see the incessant continuance of growth was what ultimately provided me with comfort. This made me aware that I was never alone and that there is endless life around me. Furthermore, in my studies as an ecology major, I am always reminded of how crucial it is to be mindful of the environment and our impacts on it. I aspire to help ecosystems maintain themselves, as Valparaiso has, in whichever way I can. I study species to be able to name them all, as my mother and aunt did, and I hope to learn more about ecosystems in general. My perspective on nature would never have formed without these trips to
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