Nazi Propaganda In Nazi Germany

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Nazi Propaganda is recognised as an essential part in the advancement of the Nazi Party before and during their reign in Germany, and their attempt to expand to wider Europe. Nazi Propaganda appeared in many forms during their tenure, for example, books, textbooks, art, magazines, newspapers, photography, posters, radio and of course film, among many others. Nazi film comes to the forefront as the most significant and important contribution to the Nazi propaganda regime. Film in Germany began to be used in an extremely different way to any other country. These films values focused heavily on the aspects of propaganda, and were used for indoctrination and education purposes, rather than the traditional use as being a form of entertainment.…show more content…
The public’s lack of ability to understand political theory resulted in ‘simplicity and repetition’ being advocated. This concept would be most easily portrayed through the medium of film, as it could be presented in such a fashion where it dominated over other forms such as writing. Films appealed to those who could use their mind less to understand Nazi philosophies, as it was in a picture format opposed to complicated text, which would again be appealing as it supplemented those whose readings skills were not perfect. Previous media forms that were already present were of little help in advancing Nazi thought as those who already followed the party had subscriptions to its newsletters, so the introduction of film provided an easily accessible media form for the…show more content…
But he still seem to clash heads with another key member of Nazi propaganda, Leni Riefenstahl, who Hitler valued very highly. Riefenstahl first film for the Nazis was titled Triumph of the Will, funded by the NSDAP and recorded the events of the 1934 Nuremberg Rallies. This film showed an abundance of German expressing themselves in such a way that seemed unnatural for the Nazi regime, but only served to emphasis the support for Hitler that was captured by Riefenstahl. Hitler is conveyed almost as a conqueror of this land, as he triumphantly trudges into his new Germany with his fellow
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