The Great Gatsby Argumentative Essay

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When I allow over indulgence in my libido, I begin to lose sight of what is right and wrong. It interferes in my oneness with Divinity and experiencing the “subtle truths” that Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about. As I put less value on it and manage it more, my spiritual experiences only deepens and my guides begin to manifest again. The Taoists believe that by controlling our libido we can extend our life. DARE TO IMAGINE 73 Ultimately, if the Id is allowed to go astray it leads us to the path of chaos and a life devoid of Divinity and the ego becomes the center of the universe. Such a scenario and hedonistic way of life is best illustrated in F. Scott Fitzgerald 's book, The Great Gatsby. However, if the individual gains awareness and acceptance…show more content…
As a society, we have come up with rules and expectations for certain behaviors. We are taught that it is imperative to say thank you when someone gives us something. If someone does not show appreciation it is considered rude. When I analyze why I feel a need to be thanked, I realize that I want recognition to validate that I am a nice guy or special person. It has nothing to do with what was given or why it was given. It has to do with feeding the ego, and this BLAKE SINCLAIR 82 always leads to a false sense of gratification. Through my journey I have come to realize that a deeper sense of gratification can be filled when I give rather then receive. When we give without expectation, we discover the essence of Divinity, which is a pure unconditional love. I have learned to love, give, share for no other benefit other than being closer to Divinity. Give without expectation of praise, recognition or fame for it is truly Divine. Most of my life I expected people to behave a certain way. I expected people to be nice to me, supportive of my book, supportive of my spiritual journey, supportive of my acting, and supportive of my accomplishments. Many times I was met with jealousy,
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