The Importance Of Network News

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Network news is a part of people’s daily lives even if they do not realize that. Network news has control over the society because it is the source of people’s information and acknowledgment about what is happening in the world. Also, it affects people’s political views in different ways and people can change their opinions because of the information and the image the news are reporting. On the other hand, people may be able to express their political opinions through the coverage of network news, so they find that the news are supporting their view about a specific political issue. The bias of the news is a serious issue that should be punished with law, but sadly there is no law that can control what the network news can show their audiences. Network news are biased by catering the political views of their audiences. Three reasons why network news bias has bad impacts on the world are because network news bias can affect people’s opinions, media bias can misrepresent an issue. The first reason why network news bias has a bad impact on the world is because media bias can change people’s opinions. The variation of types of people in the world cause a variation in opinions and perspectives around the world about political issues and problems. Therefore, people have different political views and opinions about problems or issues that are happening around them, but where do people get those perspective? And what are the sources that feeding them with the information
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