The Importance Of News In Modern Society

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The life of modern society is all about information. To some extent, the world of news has become a new reality to people, the reality with its own concepts of good and evil, right and wrong, true and false. We may not have given it a notice, but the world of news has straightforwardly invaded our life and turned it into a linear flow of information with each event bringing some sort of continuation of the never ending line. We are getting more and more interested in searching for some breaking news or celebrity gossip on the Internet, as it gives us a false impression of our life being the same. We are always trying to stay updated, but it is nothing different but making a labyrinth of stories where each storyline is intersected by another one and perpetuated till it is completely got lost. News and facts they present are tools for making a reality for people to believe in. People need stories, as it is a way for us to keep going and know that there’s something going on out there. The audience needs stories of love and hatred, happiness and sadness, kindness and cruelty, hope and despair. If we just stop and think for a while, stories like these are the ones news programs feed us…show more content…
Although a lot of journalists do their best to report some knockout details that will cover the front page next day or news reports, they may take great pains to get hold of the news. However, had the sad accident been confirmed, the rage fuelled by journalists is in the full swing. Either the assassination of John Lennon or death of intoxication of Michael Jackson, the news story is the same, all about their musical success, widely known songs, influence on pop culture and just a few words about what they were like. “John Lennon, of course, was one of the architects of the Beatles (…)” (Goldsmith 77); “Michael Jackson (…) had the (…) all-encompassing effect on…on the world (…) (Goldsmith
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