Credibility Of Social Media

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Technology has become essential in today’s living, it advances by the second, and with these advancements it is made easier for every generation to perform tasks. For example, when doing a research we don’t need to go to the library anymore all we have to do is to get our smartphones and connect to the Internet and we basically have access to the biggest and widest database of information. Having access to the Internet gives us privileges to connect with people all over the world through Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Many More. Christian Fuchs (2014) stated that the term “Social Media” is used to describe different World Wide Web applications, such as blogs, social networking sites and etc. Being subscribed…show more content…
As the researchers discussed on the second part of the paper, news available in Social Media came from different sources. But how much can people trust these sources? News that people find on the Internet influence us in different ways, but the question is should they believe it or not. The way people react to the news shows the researchers how people can be easily persuade by things that are posted on the internet. In the researchers’ survey, they asked their respondents, how many hours they spent on the internet per week, 40% said 4-10 hours, 25% said 1-3 hours, 20% said 11-20 hours, 10% said 20-30 hours and 5% said 30 and above. This shows the time the respondents spent being exposed to new ideas, opinions and learn new things through the Internet. Whether it is right or wrong people stand up to what they believe in, and information that are being shared through Social Media whether true or false can affect them on how they handle certain situation. So it is important that people believe only the truth, but due to the vast sources of the news present in Social Media, this becomes a…show more content…
What the people post in the Social Media can be seen by almost everyone and it could also influence other people. Social Medias are easily access but as a developing 3rd world country there are more problems that need to be given attention regarding these advancements. There are abundant sources of news in Social Media but most of these sources are unknown and lack full information.

As Aulia Karli stated, Social Media is a huge part in our daily lives, it makes everything easier. It gives the people the power to be connected and know information at the tip of their fingertips. Social Media is made accessible to everyone with an Internet Connection; it contains the opinions and information being shared. Social Media gives the people the ability to know things just in seconds, but not everything in it should be

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