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Nicaraguan food is almost as multi-ethnic as the people themselves. The typical recipes are a mix of traditional indigenous foods, Spanish cuisine but are also influenced by Creole cuisine. There's a visible distinction between the Pacific coast's menus and the Caribbean ones. On the Pacific coast most meals are based around local fresh fruit, which the country is famous for, and corn. While on the Caribbean coast, coconuts and seafood are the stars of most meals. Other products Nicaragua is famous for are great quality beef and lamb (pelibuey) and coffee.
If you want to eat on a budget, be sure to visit fritangas, local street food stalls all around the country. You'll definitely find something cheap and tasty in one of these - they offer
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Volcano boarding on Cerro Negro - an activity for the most daring amongst you. You make your way up this active volcano just outside Malpaisillo with a board and then glide down the gravel slopes. It sounds unreal, but we promise, it's a popular thing!
2. Visit Granada - many tourists advise to skip the capital, Managua, and just head straight to Granada. There's gorgeous traditional Spanish architecture from the 16th century and all the houses are charming and colourful. Definitely worth just roaming around.
3. Visit Lake Nicaragua - visit this huge body of freshwater and thank it for the constant offshore winds that it produces. The lake is absolutely huge, 7 km across and 161km long, and it has an island, Ometepe, in the middle that you can swim to. It's like an oasis for a healthy day, there are heaps of sports you can do, like kayaking and hiking, but it's also famous for its healthy food.
4. Corn Islands - If you have a couple of days to spare while in Nica, we recommend stopping by the spectacular Corn Islands. They're located on the Northern Caribbean coast and are quite a popular luxury holiday retreat. It's a secluded spot, where people come to chill, fish and scuba dive

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